Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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The Talbots were knowledgeable in the area of electronics and electrics in general. However, over time, the system grew a bit like Topsy as you will see.

This 'Devenset' charger was initially a bit difficult to understand - it looks a little like a part of the set from a 1930's sci-fi movie but is in fact a battery charger. You can see what it would look like cleaned up at the Museum of Technology website (you need to search Davenset). It was found in the basement underneath a leaky pipe, but is still in good condition.

Electrical equipment in basement

This kit was in the shop - for some reason the 'water heater' switch  and the three pin socket has been installed upside down.

Equipment in the shop - again not clear what it was for

The Talbots repaired radios (and later TVs) - we found some valves from the pre-transister era.

Electronic valves found in the flat

Box of electronic valves

We found this in the kitchen. I think it is a loudspeaker (photographed sitting on an old portable TV). Before radio sets were cheap, people had speakers attached to a wired system - my father used to work for Rediffusion who hired them in the 1930s.

Old loudspeaker sitting on a small old portable TV

The box of valves and the loudspeaker have both now gone to the The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum in Rosendale Road, West Dulwich.

We found an ancient slide projector and a Betamax video player too. Betamax was a form of video tape - it lost out to VHS before tape was displaced by DVDs.

Slide projector

Betamax Video machine (on its end)

Finally, this is the reason why we are having a re-wire. The cut cable is not live or attached to the mains in any way, but the sockets are pretty scary!

Old sockets

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