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Talbot Moped

Moped - "A really rational moped"

In the later 1950's the Talbots were manufacturing mopeds at the Norwood workshop (to the rear of the Central Cycles shop). "Cycling and Mopeds" reported positively on the development as reproduced below:

Picture of moped and a man carrying fireworks and small girl captioned @Lucky guy! An armful of rockets; an appreciative daughter; and a moped - the Talbot - which needs no fireworks to make it attractive.
Article describing the Talbot Two Speeder moped from Cycling and Mopeds, November 5, 1958
There was another article in 'Power and Pedal' in December 1958 (sorry about the quality of the reproduction).

Reproduction of article from 'Power and Pedal' December 1958
2nd part of the 'Power and Pedal' article

This is an advertising leaflet for the 'powered bike' - undated.

advertising leaflet with a picture of a powered bicycle headed 'The Talbot motor-assisted cycle'

The 'GracesGuide' website gives a few more technical details of the machine for thosewho are interested in engineering history.

Blue Door Bicycles does not sell mopeds - but it does the modern equivalent, electric assist bikes. A 1958 moped at around 60 would equate to around 1,000 in today's money.

We also found a number of photographs shown below:

Photo of Talbot Moped

Picture of the handlebars of Talbot Moped

Photo of Talbot Moped

Unfortunately, whilst we have found various 'bits' for a Talbot Moped, we have not found a whole one and certainly don't have enough parts to recreate one. However, if anyone knows where there is one....

Blue Door Bicycles does not deal in mopeds - but we do do ebikes.

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