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Signs of the times

In clearing the shop and yard we found some old shop signs which we found interesting - they are shown here in temporary poses but you will see some of them in the re-opened shop.

In the office there were numerous old style signs. You will be able to see some of the old signs on display in the new juice and coffee bar 'Yard 5' within the new Blue Door Bicycles shop.

Paper signs on desk in office

Hand painted advertisement offering spares and accessories

Advert saying don't pay higher fares, pay hire purchase (on a bike)

Another hand painted sign promoting sales and servicing

Advertisements showing man on heavily loaded bike struggling compared with a happy man with a Talbot cycle trailer crusing along happily

There have been other shop signs at the front of the shop over time:

Perspex sign advertising mopeds as well as bicycles.

Sign from the 1970s?

Suppliers also provided signs.

Classic Michelin sign showing the Michelin Man

Rudge was a British manufacturer of bicycles - this illuminated sign was filthy and needed new chain, but it works and is now in Yard 5 at Blue Door Bicycles.

Illuminated red Rudge advertising sign.

Norman were also an English manufacturer. This sign was found in the yard covered in grot - as it is glass, it cleaned up well.

Picture of Norman knight advertising Norman cycles.

The following picture shows adverts up in the shop when it closed as Central Cycle and Auto in late December 2010.

Simoniz chrome cleaner advert and 3in1 advert

Upper Norwood Chamber sign found buried in the counter area. We found a number of photos of Chamber events. The Chamber still extists and Blue Door Bicycles is a member.

Chamber of trade sign

Also behind the counter were two more gems - unearthed after more than a month of clearance!

Illuminated sign saying the types of bike the shop had in stock.

Advert for Triumph cycles showing images associated with the development of Triumph Cycles

We put off the clearance of the area under the stairs until after most of the rest of the shop had been cleared. This is where we found the old tv, the magic lantern slides and this Rudge sign which has probably been buried here for 50 years.

Rudge cycle sign half uncovered under stairs to basement

Dave cleaning Rudge sign

When stripping out the shop window area for re-furbishing, we found this gem...

Young man on a bike waving - slogan ' For touring, racing, day-to-day riding you'll be better on Dunlop, they're more resilient'

This sign was buried in the counter area. It predates the Talbots by almost 15 years as it refers to the 1935 price list:

Dulop poster from the 1930s showing cross sections of tyres

We thought we'd found all there was to find until in October we had the old gas meters removed. Underneath one of these we found this old Rudge sign offering easy terms on the purchase of a bike.

Sign showing Sir Walter Raleigh and saying 'We can supply your new Rudge on easy payment terms'.

We found the following rather nice Christmas ads printed on thick card in the shop.

'Gifts in Excellent Variety' printed on a scroll type design

'Xmas gift suggestions' with a christmas tree and holly

'Gifts that are sure to please' with a candle and wrapped present

In September 2012 (18 months after we started clearing the old shop) this nice old sign surfaced in the basement. I think it must date from the 1930s.

Advert for Hercules bikes saying you could buy bike on credit and pay less than the train fare you save.

Blue Door Bicycles will be carrying on the tradition of hand drawn signs and has commissioned Michael Parperis of Traditional Signs to make the new signs for the front of the shop.

New signs on front of 5 and 7 Central Hill late May 2011

Staff also use the chalk boards to good effect.

Chalk board 'Inner tubes, pumps, coffees, smoothies, is there nothing we cannot do?'

and many of the leaflets are hand drawn (and printed locally by Words and Pictures on recycled paper!)

September Sale 2012:

Leaflet advertising Blue Door's bike sale starting 19th September 2012

Yard 5 Coffee shop/smoothie bar sign made by Erik Thulen.

Sign for coffee shop/smoothie bar made from old bike parts

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