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Feb 2011

The shop had been operating (intermittently) until December 2010 - so these photos were taken about two months after it was closed.

Frontage of shop March 2011

(Note how the sign mentions 'Son' but not 'Daughter' - hopefully this website redresses the balance for Margaret!)

Ceramic decoration on frontage of shop

The shop has seen better days - but buried in the frontage is this original ceramic decoration. Questionable taste of both the cherubs and the paint!

Partially filled window of shop in February 2011

The shop still had stock in February 2011 - but the display in the windows looked a bit sad - though the counter area was a bit more business like. The windows were not 'frosted' - the shop was damp and this is condensation. Many of the items in the window can also be seen in the photo on the home page taken some two years earlier.

Inside of shop showing stock of tyres etc

(We don't store bikes on there side now!)

Shop as found showing jumble of new bikes and other stuff

The yard was in need of some work which, believe it or not, had already started when this photo was taken! Presumably this is where they made the mopeds and trailers 60 years ago. You can see the buddleia growing out of the wall and the black bin bags are in place because the roof leaks.l

Very untidy yard!

There's a car under here!

Yard - with hidden car!

The 'office' also needed some work to clear it but it yielded quite a bit of material for the archive on this site.

Office about 3 feet deep in papers, cycle and vacuum cleaner parts - every surface if pressed into use.

The shop was cleared at the start of March 2011 - see other pages for some of the interesting things we found.

To give you an idea of the dire state of some of the building, this was the roof to the rear of the shops. There was no choice but to take most of it down and start again. This area is now our 'Yard 5' Coffee Shop and Juice Bar. 

Roof above 5 Central Hill Yard.

This was the ceiling in the shop showing water damage due to the poor state of the roof at the front of the shop.

Wet ceiling at front of shop

Stock control was not particularly tight towards the end of the Talbot period - though we are told Geoff could usually find things when needed and often surprised people with what he did have in there somewhere. This was the middle section of the shop in February 2011.

Inside shop - tyres etc

Area looking towards the rear of the shop

Few people got beyond the archway in the old shop. Geoff carried out repairs in the leaky yard - he must have been made of tough stuff as it was not just wet, it was freezing in the winter. You can see some of the vacuum bags also sold in the shop.

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