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David Fenwick Photos

David Fenwick Photos

David Fenwick took a number of photos of Central Cycle and Auto 21st June 1991 (the three outside pictures taken late in the evening) and 19th June 1996 (two inside pictures). We are grateful for David's permission to use these pictures.

Exterior of shop 21st June 1991

Tele-Tech and Central Cycle and Auto are now Blue Door Bicycles. MAM is now the launderette.

Exterior of shop 21st June 1991

Blue Door still sells children's bikes - but not at this price I'm afraid.

Exterior 7 Central Hill 21st June 1991


Margaret Talbot in the yard of 7 Central Hill - this is now a bike storage area. There is a disused Morris Minor just to the left of the workbench on the left hand side of the photo. The wheel truing stand is a bit basic comapred with the modern Park Tools one we now use. The plastic sheets show that the roof was leaking even in 1991!

Yard 7 Central Hill 19th June 1996

'Still life with old car and old bike' 1991.

Yard 5 1996

Margaret behind the counter.

Margaret 1996

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