Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Befores & afters

Befores and afters


Frontage as found

Blue door Bicycles frontage

Inside the shop of Number 7

Inside the bike shop

Blue Doors renewed

Counter Area

Counter area from with what used to be number 5

Yard of Number 7

Yard of number 5

Buried either in the yard or the basement was a scruffy looking frame. John from Star Bikes took it and worked magic on it!

Restored Freddie Grubb frame.

Yard 5 - now available for hire.

Area of Yard 5 roughly where the coffee bar is now

Yard 5 coffee bar/smoothie bar

(Note that time has moved on again! We do not currently have a coffee shop, this area is now our main workshop and Talbot Frameworks make bikes in the Yard area).

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