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Family Items

Family Items

This website is about the shop - but in the course of clearing the premises we found a couple of items related to the family which were of sufficient historical interest to include them on this website.

Margaret and Geoff's mother's maiden name was Andrews. Her father was an officer of the South Eastern Railway Company. This is not quite the South Eastern we know today - it was a private company merged into the Southern Railway in 1923. It was subsequently merged into the nationalised British Railways in 1948 and then privatised in the 1990s - firstly as Railtrack and Connex South Eastern and subsequently as Network Rail and South Eastern. For pretty much of this whole period, 7 Central Hill was a bike shop and for much of that time it belonged to the same family. We found this nice Christmas card to Mr A H Andrews and signed by colleagues in the SE Divisional Office in 1920.

Hand drawn card to Mr A H Andrews with best wishes for a Happy Christmas 1920

The next item appears to have been presented to Mr Talbot senior (Margaret and Geoff's father) in July 1919. Mr Talbot senior was officially Herbert John Talbot - but this card is made out to Air Mechanic Bert Talbot rather than his formal name which is slightly strange on an official card. It is interesting to note that Bert Talbot was working on aircraft very soon after the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903. Bert Talbot went on to be a bicycle and motor mechanic - the Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics before taking to the air.

Card given to Bert Talbot in gratitude for his service in the Great European War 1914 - 18


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