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Old Ads (and new)

Old Ads

In the things found on site, we found an old 'Cycling and Mopeds' magazine from May 1959. Many of the products are long gone - but some are still going strong. Blue Door Bicycles are pleased to stock Dawes, Brooks and Carradice - but not Bovril. We are also creating our own new ad artwork as you can see at the bottom of this page.

Ad for Dawes 'Double-Blue'

Not sure that we would advertise a product as 'super expensive' these days!

Caradice ad

The Nelson is still available.

Brooks saddle
and the one Blue Doors don't sell - yet.

Ad for Bovril showing parents and child sitting on log near 1950s caravan

We found a little memo book produced by the Upper Norwood Chamber of Commerce - undated but it looks like it is from the 1950s. On the introduction page it gives a bit of history and names two local 'celebs' - one was Mr J C Eno of 'Eno's Fruit Salts' and the other Mr J L Johnstone, inventor of 'Bovril'!

New ads
Below is a new ad painted by my daughter (Gillian Hibbs) and appearing in several local and national publications in the winter of 2011.

Ad for successor shop Blue Door Bicycles

and a few more recent ads

Blue Doors Logo with list of products
'Big Issue' ad

'We sell nice stuff and fix bikes'

Valentine's ad.

tandem towing Blue Door Bicycles sign - Valentine ad

Christmas leaflet 2015 - front and rear.

Hand drawn letter to Father Christmas mentioning Blue Door Bicycles Letter addressed to Santa Claus


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