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Cycling 50's style

Cycling 50's style

I know from feedback from many local people that Margaret and Geoff are generally remembered (fondly) as elderly people who ran a cycle and vacuum cleaner parts shop. But wind the clock back 60 years and Margaret and Geoff were both members of the CTC (Cycling Touring Club).

Shown below are a selection of photos related to cycling in the 1950s and the cover of a CTC magazine of the era (found in the flat).

It would be great to hear from anyone who knows the other people in the photos. Margaret appears in many of them - perhaps because they were taken by Geoff.

The CTC is still going and Blue Door Bicycles stocks touring bikes and gives a discount to CTC members.

Margaret and other cyclists at railway station, apparently following a club ride

Cyclists looking at map

Margaret by road sign
Shown below is one of the few photos with a label - 'Forge' Mickleham Intermediate June 2nd 1957.
Group of cyclists

Four cyclists
Lady cyclists sitting under a tree in the 1950s
Shown below is a rare photo of Geoff riding a bike - could be 1950s or even before. He looks a bit big for the bike so it is possibly one that he had as a younger teenager and was still riding was a taller adult.

Geoff Talbot riding a bike

The CTC is still going strong - though the club magazine is now quarterly rather than monthly (I know, I'm a member!).

Cover of November 1957 CTC Gazette magazine. Picture of Surrey Woods near Wisley on cover

It isn't quite from the shop - but who knows whether Geoff and Margaret saw this wonderful British Transport Films film of cycling in the 1950. I know that Geo
ff was keen on going to the local cinema in Church Road and this type of short would be have been shown with the feature.

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