Sunday, November 17, 2019
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(Possibly) Closing Down Sale

We have some big discounts on stock at present - come and check them out!
After 97 years, we might be approaching the end of the road as a bike shop in Crystal Palace. Competition from the internet in particular is making it impossible for many of us to cover the costs of running a high street business.
We hope to carry on trading but will be shrinking the space we rent and concentrating on servicing and repairs with a much lower level of stock. If we cannot do this, and assuming no-one wants to buy us out, we will close in September: 1922 - 2019 isn't a bad run!
The good news is that we have already reduced some products to free up space. Koga bikes, Dawes kids bikes, folding tyres, waterproofs, and more all dramatically down in price - we will not be replacing them with new stock so once they are gone, they are gone!
Come and bag a bargain!
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